• 1.Customer Happiness

    We listen to the diverse needs of our customers and bring peace of mind and excitement to each product with sincerity.

  • 2.Employee Happiness

    We will work hard and grow in order to contribute to our customers, and as a result, pursue happiness both materially and spiritually.

  • 3.Social

    We contribute to the creation of a society full of smiles by building logistics lifelines with our abundant creativity and flexibility.


The mountain on the left represents the management philosophy of "happiness of society," the small mountain on the right is "happiness of customers," and the darkest blue overlaps with "happiness of employees," meaning that "happiness of employees" will not exist unless these overlaps are combined.

And in the "happiness of employees," the "Action Guidelines" mentioned earlier, Mission, Team, Law, and Speed are included, and by firmly adhering to them, this also becomes the "Action Guidelines" equal to "happiness of employees. Mission is the first word in the Action Guidelines, and it is our raison d'etre and what we must fulfill. And the ● in the upper right corner represents the future, meaning that we will make great strides toward the future. Translated with (free version)


「We deliver it at its best.」

Our "mission" is to deliver products to our customers while maintaining the freshness of the products as they arrive at our centers.

Behavioral guidelines

The English name for southern Japan is
「Minaminihon Total Logistics Service」。
The acronym stands for.

  • Mission

    …We will challenge aggressively and boldly with a "sense of mission".

  • Team

    …We value the "harmony" of all people involved.

  • Law

    …We will act in compliance with the "Rules and Manners".

  • Speed

    …Do it now, do it, do it, and do it till the end.
    We will act under the motto of

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