Privacy policy

Basic policy

We at MTLS decide on the information protection policy as follows, and will strive for the adequate protection of personal information so that the user can safely utilize our services.

Collection of personal information

MTLS collects the information of its users based on the consent given by the user when they input their information when using our services.

Use of personal information

The personal information of the users will be used only within the range of purpose proposed in advance.

MTLS will use the collected personal information of the user for purposes including answering requests, deposit confirmations, providing services, and recruitment activities.
MTLS will use the collected personal information of the user to conduct surveys and introduce our customers to new services etc., by our company.
When the necessity arises, MTLS will use the collected personal information of the user to contact the user via email, post, telephone or FAX etc.

Providing personal information to a third party

MTLS will not provide the personal information of the user to a third party without the consent of the user. However, this is not the case for the following situations.
When the laws etc., demand that the information be provided to the related authorities.
When showing statistical results of the analysis of the user’s personal information and the use of each service without including information that can identify the individual.
Moreover, when consent is given, the collected user’s personal information may be given to a third party that has received consent from the user.

Management of personal information

MTLS maintains a security system and educates related employees in order to protect the personal information of users from unauthorized access, alteration, destruction, leakage, loss, etc.

Consignment of management

MTLS may consign the maintenance and management of our security system to a third party that signed a confidentiality agreement with us, for the purpose of system protection.

Inquiries regarding personal information

Inquiries regarding personal information will be answered through our phone number: 03-3388-6998.


This privacy policy may be amended in the future for the purpose of adequately protecting personal information.

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