Since our founding, we at MTLS have been moving forward as experts in chilled and frozen food transportation with high aspirations in our hearts.
To make sure that “we deliver it at its best” to the table of our customers, we make every effort possible in all distribution processes including preservation, transportation and cargo handling. Moreover, we will contribute to food culture not just through our long-standing experience but also through investments in new technologies and CSR initiatives.

The largest food distribution infrastructure in the Tokyo area

We deliver to around9,000stores, and we own40offices in the Kanto region as well as2,000operational vehicles, and we have54corporate members in our very own corporate cooperative, which constitutes our food distribution infrastructure that completely covers the Tokyo area. We also have over 170 offices that are part of the Japan Frozen Network (JFN), a nationwide mutual distribution infrastructure, which allows us to distribute foods on a national scale.

50 years’ worth of experience in the chilled & frozen food industry

We are experts in the delivery of chilled and frozen foods, and we deliver fresh perishable foods all across the country by utilizing our on-site capabilities and various knowhow based on our experience of over 50 years. Moreover, by utilizing our on-site capabilities and various knowhow based on over 50 years of experience, we also provide a warehouse management system that allows us to check our inventory in real-time from anywhere with an internet connection

What is a cloud based inventory management system?

By managing our inventory with a system that allows you to check your inventory in real time on the cloud, we make it possible to minimize the loss of inventory. This system is not just for our company’s inventory, but also can be implemented in your company’s warehouse as well.

The freshness preservation device that decreases food loss
“Next Generation Cold Chain”

By implementing the “next generation cold chain” - which allows us to deliver perishable foods with its freshness preserved through our freshness preservation device - we are able to create a new added value to distribution by delivering foods in an ever-fresh state in and out of the country. By implementing this device, we are able to contribute to solving the society-wide problem that is food loss, and do our part in addressing the SDGs.

HowDENBADISS’s next generation cold chain works

By delivering foods with a truck that carries the freshness preservation device, we can keep perishable foods fresh for longer than average, allowing us to work on social issues such as food loss

Realizing a low cost operation
Our problem-solving capabilities

Based on our 50 years’ worth of experience in the field of physical distribution, we are able to identify the issues of various companies and provide solutions, and apply solution schemes into the field.
In addition, by providing a one-stop solution for physical distribution, we are able to realize a low-cost operation through an increase in productivity via operational efficiency. This is made possible by the strengths of MTLS, which includes our financial capabilities that can bring talented people together as well as our abundant knowhow/information.

To overseas destinations with spectacular economic growth
We provide a one-stop development

Are you working with a two-stop solution for food distribution and imports/exports?

We provide a one-stop solution of importing and exporting foods from your warehouse to overseas. Inventory management can also be done on 1 platform, which leads to reduction in efforts and costs and easier overseas development.
We are developing overseas starting with establishing a local company in Vietnam, and we will work towards a reduction in transport costs by utilizing our freshness preservation device in overseas transports, which allows us to transport foods not just by air but also by sea.

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