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    • A job that delivers business as usual.
      Here you will find a list of jobs in southern Japan. We are your "I want to do this! I want to try this! We are a company that values
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  • You must be wondering what kind of company we are.Since our founding, we have been working with high aspirations We have been on the path of becoming an expert in chilled and frozen food transportation. Here are some of our unique company strengths.
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  • インタビュー画像T.M G.A Joined the company in 2015
    Warehousing Manager, Miyoshi Sales Office
  • I want to be able to lead everyone. I want to be a leader.

    I have been in this business for about a year now. I worked in a warehouse before, but this place has a great atmosphere.

    Here at the Miyoshi Sales Office, we have a small number of people in the warehouse, so everyone is able to cooperate with each other. For example, if one person is missing, everyone works together, so teamwork is very good.

    The director of the Miyoshi office has a funny side, but is also a caring person who comes to the site from time to time to talk to the workers.

    As for my personal goals for the future, I want to become a leader who can lead others. In order to do so, we need to look at our current situation from a more bird's eye view. I would like to improve my ability to see both myself and the whole picture and aim higher.

  • インタビュー画像A.M A.M 2015年入社
    佐野物流センター 倉庫管理担当
  • Starting from scratch I want to step up little by little.

    My previous job was in manufacturing, and I had to take a break for several years due to a physical injury.When I was recovering, I was looking for a stable job that would allow me to work without strain. I found an opening here and decided to apply because I thought I could continue working in the logistics industry for a long time.

    I imagined that warehouse work would be physically demanding, but when I actually started working there, I found that the work was divided up properly and everyone cooperated with each other.

    I started from zero, so there was a lot to learn, and it was difficult at times, but I am able to work while feeling a sense of fulfillment as I am able to do more and more things and am entrusted with more and more tasks little by little.

  • インタビュー画像I.M I.M Joined the company in 2016
    Saitama Distribution Center Warehouse Leader
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大園圭一郎 大園圭一郎

Our mission at Minami-Nippon Unyu Warehouse is to "Deliver our products in their most delicious condition.
This is because we offer our logistics quality all over, from the producer to the consumer.
From the logistics side, we contribute to maintaining the freshness and quality of food products, and provide delicious food products through the cold chain system.
To that end, we have employees who are responsible for each and every part of the cold chain.
We hope that this mission will be properly understood and that the food logistics we are responsible for will be
We want them to be proud that they are contributing so much to society.

In this sense, we are working to expand our food logistics business to include imports and exports, with our food logistics business at the core.
By expanding our social contribution activities and also looking overseas, we will be able to further promote the "same food products but
The cold chain system makes the food taste so much better."
We would like to strive to make sure that overseas consumers can feel this as well.

To see the smiles on the consumers' faces as we provide our system.
We want to do our best, and we want to be such a pleasing presence in Southern Japan.
Let's share the fun of providing new added value in southern Japan by all means.

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